WhatsApp brings new feature to chat with unnamed number

WhatsApp brings new feature to chat with unnamed numbers

Users can now copy paste the number from phone app to WhatsApp to chat with people who are not in the contact list

WhatsApp logo. Credit: REUTERS FILE PHOTO

With more than two billion active userbase, WhatsApp is the most popular messenger app in the world. The main reasons for such traction among phone users is that the Meta-run service is very easy to use and has several value-added features such as multi-device usage with the same number, edit sent messages, and many more.

However, there has been one issue that the messenger users were requesting for a long time, which was to make chatting with unnamed numbers simpler. Previously, users had to add names and save the number in the contact list to chat.

Now, WhatsApp seems to have finally listened to the prayers. It has made provision for users to copy and paste numbers from the phone call list onto the messenger app and start chatting.

This brings a lot of relief to WhatsApp users, as most people, including journalists like us, get a lot of calls from unknown numbers every day and oftentimes, are not able to answer them. 

And, when we make some time to make a courtesy call back, most prefer to chat first on the messenger app and then proceed. But, as noted earlier, it is a tedious task on WhatsApp to initiate a chat with unnamed numbers.

Here's how to start chatting with unnamed numbers on WhatsApp:
Step 1: Copy the unnamed number on the Phone dialer app and paste it on the search bar WhatsApp chat list.

WhatsApp's new feature chat with an unnamed number. Credit: DH Photo/KVN Rohit

Step 2: If the number exists on Whatsapp, the messenger app will show the account below with a Chat button to the left (as shown in the screen-shot above)
Step 3: Tap on the on-screen chat button and initiate conversation

Note: Always be wary of unknown numbers on WhatsApp, as there are a high number of cases of phishing attacks, where-in bad actors try to coarse you to join small jobs with big pay and end up cleaning your bank accounts

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